Know how to light your children’s fires!

While Johnny’s last album has just been released… I am thinking of his hits and as such, “Allumer le Feu” which can so well be associated with our mission as a parent. And yes ! I often speak in my workshops about the fact that we are not only raising children but above all future adults.

Our responsibility, after having met the basic needs of the children, is also to look to the long term and ask ourselves the following question: With what talents and skills I would like him to leave when he leaves the house? Or, to use the delicious expression of a recently met mom, when “I give them to the world” …

Nowadays, the knowledge being available on the Internet, what will be asked of our children in the business world, will be more and more their capacity to be creative, to think “out of the box”, to innovate. Many large companies who have understood the challenges of innovation encourage their employees to imagine new solutions. Every new idea receives the consideration of other team members, it is respected in order to create the best possible products and services. This state of mind promotes the expression of passion and the meaning given to work to ultimately develop the development of all.

But who are these teams who manage to function while highlighting the passion of their employees, “igniting the fire” of their imagination, relying on their qualities? Are these teams made up of adults who since childhood have heard themselves say: “Why don’t you listen to me and do what I tell you!” “Oullala, you were wrong again. But you will never make it! “No, leave, you are too small to brush the cat, I will do it” or rather, “I trust you, I’m sure you will find a solution …” “You have imagination, you know how to do it! “” You want to try ? Great, gently brush the cat’s back, you’ll see, it’s easy ”

Lighting the fire in the child is to let him know that someone has believed in him from an early age, considers his failures as learning opportunities and makes him realize that his qualities are noticed.

Lighting the fire in children is to offer them the opportunity to create strong beliefs such as “I am capable”, “find another solution, it’s funny” “they respect me and I respect the other. my turn ”

Lighting the fire in children is to push them to cultivate their own qualities , to encourage them to dare to think for themselves and why not improve the society of tomorrow on their own scale. “To train men is not to fill a vase, it is to light the fire”, according to Aristophanes.…